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Question: Where is Steppin' Time Dance Studio Located?

We are located in at

132 9 St, Brandon, MB R7A 4A5.

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Question: Can parents watch class?

Yes, all studios have viewing windows, and we also invite parents and family into class on designated parents days.

Question: Are parents required to stay during class?

We encourage that only parents of preschool - 7 year old dancers be available and/or watch their child's classes. As has been tradition, we recommend that parents and family of 7+ year old dancers refrain from watching every class, and are invited to watch on designated parent days scheduled monthly throughout the dance year. This allows dancers to focus on their classes without distraction and also allows parents to feel free to drop off the kids for classes knowing their kids are well taken care of and will be ready for pickup once class is over.

Question: What classes are offered, and how do I sign up?

Click here for all the classes offered at Steppin' Time Dance Studio.

Once the dance season is underway from September through to May, please contact us at 204-725-0745 about new registrations. and class availablity.

Question: How much does it cost?

Fill out our contact form to the right or call us at 204-725-0745 for rates.

Question: What attire is appropriate for dance class?

Pre-School and 5+ Classes:
Patented leather Tap shoes and Pink Ballet Slippers
Combination Classes (Tap and Jazz):
Patented Leather Tap Shoes and Black Ballet Slippers
Ballet Classes: Pink Ballet Slippers
Jazz Classes: Jazz Oxford Slippers
Tap Classes: Grade 2-4 Tap Cuban Heels, Grades 5 and up Oxfords

There is no specific color of bodysuit that is required for class but if you need to purchase a new one it is suggested to purchase a black tank top bodysuit. (We often use these as a base for our costumes and this will save on any extra costs.) White Tights are preferred but any color is okay.

Jazz pants are suitable for jazz and tap classes, as well as wrap skirts for ballet. All teachers will be asking the dancers to wear bodysuit and to keep your hair tied back in a ponytail or a bun.

Ballet dancers with Miss Tamara should wear only a bodysuit and tights with hair tied back in a proper bun. Your instructor will specify when you are allowed to wear skirts or ballet shorts.

Question: Do parents participate in pre-school classes?

Parents do not participate in our dance classes but we do have designated parent/family observation classes throughout the dance year. During regular dance class we always have the blinds open on our large viewing windows.

Question: Where can I purchase dance attire?

We are fortunate to have a dancewear store in Brandon. Pirouette Activewear is located at 1005 13th street and the phone number is 204-728-3072.

Question: Do you offer adult classes?

Yes, we do offer adult classes in Jazz, Hip Hop, and Tap. There are different adult classes on each evening. Please check out the schedule on our curriculum page. These classes are held in 12 week sessions and can be paid per class. If you would like more information or if you would like to register fill out and submit the contact form to the right, or call 204-725-0745

Question: Do you have family or multiple class discounts?

Yes we do have discounts!
1st class: Full Price
2nd class and 3rd class: $5.00 off per month
4th-7th Class: $10.00 off per month
8th and every other class: $15.00 off per month


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